Parish Gallery

Aged Toys at an Exhibit at the Harlow Museum
A photograph of three aged toys, a bunny, a bear and a dog on wheels at an exhibit at the Harlow museum.

What’s on display?

Since the 1970s, the museum has collected various items for the Parish gallery from residents who have kindly donated to the museum for future generations to enjoy. On display are multiple maps and artefacts that offer a fascinating glimpse into the physical landscape and lives of residents before the New Town development.


Cabinet Display at an Exhibit in the Parish Gallery at the Harlow Museum
Close of one the displays in the Parish gallery

Who lived in the parishes?

Prior to 1947, the town was once made up of small villages, including Potter Street, Latton, Netteswell, Little and Great Parndon. Many of the town’s residents worked on farms or tended to the land, it would be common for people to begin their work in agriculture as soon as they left school. Alongside these hamlets lived wealthy landowners who resided in large houses many existing today . The gallery tells the stories of the buildings and the people who once called them home.


Metropolitan Ware

We have on display a fantastic selection of Metropolitan Ware made locally in Potter Street, Harlow. The popular style of pottery in the 1600s was made by applying different coloured ‘slip’ to pottery, to create decorative patterns, such as letters, drawings, political or religious phrases.