March update from the Harlow Museum Gardens

Highlights in the Garden this month

The weather has been changeable this month. The temperatures have remained quite mild we have experienced high rainfall. This has resulted in an explosion of growth from our bulbs and herbaceous perennials. The trees were held back by the colder temperatures earlier in the month and have now burst into a fantastic display. Though short lived it is one of the true glories of the spring garden. Come along and see the magnolias before the blossom is gone for another year.

Jobs for March

  • Plant your broad bean seeds now the soil has started to warm.
  • Chit potatoes and plant your early varieties.
  • Plant your onion and shallot sets for harvest in late summer.
  • Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials and make new plants for free.
  • Prune, then feed, your bush and climbing roses.
  • Finish mulching your ornamental borders.
  • Prepare for the years battle against weeds and sharped your garden hoe.
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