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We have a range of exhibitions, drop-in activities and exciting events that take place in the museum and gardens. This year is the 75th Anniversary of Harlow New Town and we are hosting a series of anniversary themed events.

Autumn Talks

Come to Harlow Museum to see a range of topics showcasing Harlow’s history to its present. You can learn about the past and be educated in our evolving town as it is now and will be. Which we hope will promote conversations about how we can display contemporary history in the museum.

Pop in the Park

Sat 1st October 11:30am

The story of music in the Town Park. Focussing on the series of successful and well-remembered pop concerts at the Spurriers bandstand. With archive material, featured bands, such as Mungo Jerry, Fairport Convention, Ruby Turner and Darts.

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A ‘Brief’ History of Roman Coinage

Sat 8th October 1:30pm

Tells the story of the strange origins of Roman Coinage during the Roman Republic through to the end of coin use (by the Romans) in the Western Empire. The talk contains many illustrations and describes the information on Roman History and its personalities that can be gleaned from their coins.

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Oral History: Voices from the Past

Sat 15th October 1:30pm

Hearing the voices of those who have gone before offers a level of detail that history books can’t provide. Discover some of the hidden gems in Harlow Museum’s oral history collection and learn the basics of recording oral history within your own family.

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What’s in a Name?

Sat 22nd October 1:30pm

Find out the fascinating story of how places in the New Town were named, like your housing area and local roads, from the 1950s through to more recent examples.

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Dame Leah Manning

Sat 5th November 1:30pm

Discover Dame Leah Manning’s time as an MP, as well as her work during the Spanish Civil War, both World Wars and her passion for education.

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Dame Sylvia Crowe and Harlow

Sat 12th November 1:30pm

This talk looks at her important work Sylvia Crowe did in Harlow. She was one of the first women Landscape Architects, prolific author and a campaigner for the environment.

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Preserving the Past

Sat 26th November 1:30pm

Describes the numerous substances and processes that can attack precious Museum artefacts and the complex conservation treatments used to combat the resulting effects. This talk contains many illustrations of items undergoing conservation and the often very satisfying results.

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Harlow New Town – How and Why

Sat 3rd December 1:30pm

Telling the story of the origins, planning and subsequent development of Harlow New Town. Starting with the New Town Act, post war Britain in 1946, and concluding with the most recent schemes and plans.

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Throughout the year we offer a variety of activities at the museum or in the Walled Gardens, either drop-in or bookable workshops, see below for what’s happening now.

Nature Printing

Tuesday 25th October

10am – 3pm, drop in

Print a carrier bag with autumn leaves and other items from nature.

Woodland Creature Masks

Thursday 27th October

10am – 3pm, drop in

Come along and create a mask inspired by our autumn woodland creatures using lots of craft materials.


Throughout the year we offer a variety of events at the museum or in the Walled Gardens, see below for what’s happening now.

Harlow75 – Party Like It’s 1947

29th October 2022
2pm in the Walled Gardens

It’s Harlow New Town’s 75th birthday, and everyone’s invited to the party! Drawn from Matipo Arts’ work within the Harlow community, Harlow75 is an energetic, silly-yet-serious portrait of Harlow; what it was, what it is, and what it could be.

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We have a temporary exhibition space that is regularly changing with seasonal displays, work made at our events, or to show large collections donated to us.

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Technology and Communication In Harlow

Past Exhibitions

Explore past exhibitions from the museum.

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