Donating an object

Harlow Museum & Walled Gardens welcome the donation of objects or artefacts to be included within the museum’s growing collections. In order to accept an item it must meet the museum’s donations policy:

  • The object must be intrinsically related to Harlow i.e. it was produced in Harlow, used exclusively in Harlow, directly associated with Harlow or of interest to the public in Harlow.
  • Or the object is a similar item that was used in Harlow and therefore can be used to illustrate aspects of Harlow life.

Considerations will also be made on the objects historic period, site of discovery, location, manufacture and whether a number of similar artefacts are already included in the museums collection.

The decision on whether or not to accept a donation is primarily based on the objects ability to increase the understanding of Harlow’s history. Harlow Museum & Walled Gardens staff will make the final decision on whether or not an object can be accepted.

To find out more or discuss the donation of an artefact please call us on 01279 446 222 or email us at [email protected].

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