Past Exhibitions

Have a Holly, Jolly Harlow

In December 2023, we showcased Christmases of Harlow’s past. It featured photos of the town decorated throughout the years, a variety of Christmas cards, including school competition winners, as well as never before seen festive cartoons, taken from Harlow Development Corporation staff magazines.

Photograph of museum display showing carpet beaters and sweepers with vacuum cleaners from various time periods.
Carpet cleaning display from History of the Home exhibition.

History of the Home

Our History of the Home exhibition told how equipment we use around the home changed over time, with a focus on Laundry, Ironing, and Carpet Cleaning. The items included Victorian carpet beaters and early vacuum cleaners, box irons, flat irons, and steam irons, wash tubs, mangles, and an early manual washing machine. 

A photograph depicting a wall collage full of images, news articles, and glasses of the disability exhibition at the Harlow museum.
Display case from the Disability History Awareness Month Exhibition

UK Disability History Awareness Month

In November 2021, we opened our Disability History Month Exhibition, highlighting the lives of disabled people in Harlow and throughout history and the changing attitudes and innovations. Special thanks to Carrie, one of our volunteers, for all her hard work to help this exhibition come to life.

A photograph depicting a wall collage with the title 'The Harlow Well Women Centre' surrounded by images and news articles stuck around the sign.
The Well Women Exhibition

Well Women Centre

This display showcased Lee Morris’ collection of Well Women Centre memorabilia. Lee campaigned and raised money to establish the Harlow Well Women Centre, which provided thousands of hours of support and won the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award in 2003. She recently passed away and we are thankful that her husband has generously donated her collection to us.

A photograph depicting two boards with the artwork of local artists framed on them at the Harlow museum. The room has large windows which light up the artwork.
Drawing Exhibition by Local Harlow Artists

Julie Arnall’s Drawing Class

During the summer of 2021, a group of amateur artists led by local art tutor, Julie Arnall, spent time in the Walled gardens at Harlow Museum, coming together to work creatively for the first time in 18 months. The Walled Gardens provided a wonderful setting to draw, with each passing week bringing new inspiration. This exhibition showcases some of the drawings and paintings produced, and reflects our creative responses to the Gardens, and the pleasurable times spent.