St. Mary’s Church

Great Parndon

St. Mary's Church, Great Parndon
St. Mary’s Church, Great Parndon


Records show that the present church was constructed in the 15th Century and is now over 800 years old. The original building consisted of a tower, nave, chancel (space around the altar) and small sacristy (preparation room). The designs also included a stained-glass window and pews. Records show that the first church rector was Godfrey de Parndon who held the office in 1198. The church contains several monuments and tributes one of which dates back to the time of the Armada.

Various designs and imagery have been used throughout the church, many of which include the holy cross.

Artwork from St. Mary's Church


Inside St. Mary's Church, Great Parndon
Inside St. Mary’s Church, Great Parndon


The church underwent major renovation works in the 1960s, this largely focused on the tower. The tower is unusual in the way the turret staircase has both an internal and external entrance. The restorations also included updates to the weathervane and clock, such as adding gold leaf to the clock face. Earlier works also saw all four church bells restored and rehung, the church is now home to six bells.

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